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The Importance of Preventive Care
Your dental health can greatly impact your overall health. Learn more about preventive care and when to see your dentist.

Online Services for Members
Conveniently manage your dental benefits with an online account. Get tips for accessing online services.

Oral Health Assessment
The better your oral health is, the healthier you are. Estimate your oral health score and see how the health of your teeth and gums is connected to your overall health.

State Employee Coordination of Benefits – Supplemental Preventive Plan
Coordination of Benefits (COB) is the method of paying benefits for the same person when that person is covered by more than one plan. See examples of how COB works.

State Employee Coordination of Benefits – Uniform Dental Benefit

Local Employee Coordination of Benefits – Supplemental Preventive Plan

Local Employee Coordination of Benefits – Uniform Dental Benefit

Services In Progress
How to handle current dental services in progress that will overlap benefit years for new major coverage supplemental plans.

Orthodontia In Progress
How to proceed with current orthodontic services and treatment plans that are in progress and will overlap benefit years.

Dental Plan Mailer
Guide to navigating the 2020 dental plan options 

Oral Health Tools

Oral Health Library
Get the facts you need on the dental issues that affect you and your family. Check out our library of resources to help protect your smile.

Cost Estimator
Get an estimated cost range for common dental care needs by providers near you.

Search for specific terms and procedures in our glossary to learn what they mean.

Grin! Magazine
Our quarterly e-magazine featuring oral health news, notes, and entertainment to keep your smile healthy and happy.

Additional Benefits
See which medical conditions qualify you or your dependents for additional dental treatment.


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Online Services for Members

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